Friday 05 June 2020


Michaël Strauss-Kahn

Participation Director at NextStage AM
01 44 29 99 16

Michaël Strauss-Kahn joined NextStage AM in May 2009 and has since worked with nearly 14 portfolio companies, including abroad such as the Trace Group, Kxen, Gruau and Lonsdale.

He has worked closely with entrepreneurs and their company’s governance bodies on significant acquisitions, the development of new activities, international expansion and the integration of innovation, whether for the Cap Cinéma group, Acorus, Port Adhoc,…

Before joining NextStage AM, Michaël worked at Lazard Bank in Paris in Mergers and Acquisitions, notably for private equity funds. Prior to that, he gained experience in consulting and finance at the strategy consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and then at Calyon Financial in Chicago. He is a graduate of Audencia and the University of Cincinnati.