Monday 03 August 2020



A propos

Founded in 2007, NaturaBuy develops and runs a market place for auctions and advertisements for the sale of products and services around hunting, fishing and outdoor leisure. Available on the web and mobile, the platform has now become the leading community of hunters and fishermen in France with a business volume of more than 36 million euros, representing more than 270,000 transactions in 2016. With nearly half a million users and 2 million visits per month, NaturaBuy is now the digital platform that has become the reference site for the 2.5 million hunters and fishermen, whose expenses represent a market of over 3 billion euros in France. The platform allows on the one hand enthusiasts of nature activities to exchange among themselves the products and services necessary for the good practice of their passion, and on the other hand professionals from the targeted markets to increase their market opportunities by enriching their sales force with a new distribution channel.