Wednesday 08 July 2020



A propos

Founded in 2013, Arkose develops urban and eco-responsible living spaces designed around the practice of boulder climbing. The group supports its blockparks with a range of related activities to offer a global offer called “Arkose & co” (catering and yoga areas, kids zones, climbing shops, but also a brand of climbing equipment and clothing through its subsidiary Snap and local breweries through its subsidiary Oskare). The company, which currently operates 13 establishments with 100,000 monthly visitors and employs more than 200 people, has federated a growing community of practitioners in France (Paris intramural, Ile-de-France, Bordeaux, Lyon, Massy, Marseille, Genevois and Tours). Fans looking for urban living spaces that combine sports and catering, offering moments of conviviality and sharing, all in a premium setting.